The World’s Most Effective Fuel Treatment Additives Now Available in South Africa!pri-d generators

  • PRI Products are manufactured by POWER RESEARCH INC., a world class chemical company based in Texas USA. They have been developing proprietary fuel treatment additives since 1985 and their sole focus is to help the world use fuel more effectively. Adding PRI additives to your petrol or diesel will make operation more efficient, extend component life spans and prevent fuel from degrading over time. By saving fuel and eliminating fuel wastage and reducing harmful emissions, PRI products also contribute to a better environment.


  • PRI petrol and diesel additives are used by the world’s largest ships and power plants, work boats and emergency generator systems.


  • A part of the vision of POWER RESEARCH INC. is to supply the consumer market with the same industrial grade additives used in their large industrial applications. The realisation of their efforts have been the creation of two products for the consumer market, PRI-D for diesel and PRI-G for gasoline/petrol. These products offer a superior level of power and strength in obtaining the highest fuel performance.


  • PRI-D diesel additive and PRI-G petrol additive enjoy widespread application by operators of hospitals, cell phone sites, data facilities, internet service providers, office buildings, hotels, radio and television stations and even standby generators at nuclear power plants.


PRI Chemistry is tested and proven to be the best!

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Power Research Inc. has subjected their innovate fuel treatment technologies to a gamut of rigorous, independent tests under accepted ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards.


Click here for independent test results, comparing PRI with other products on the market.

  • The reason for the superior capability of PRI is simple. PRI chemistry is a precise, scientific blend of complex compounds specifically designed to address the wide range of reactions in fuel that result in instability.


  • Some manufacturers of consumer-grade aftermarket fuel stabilisers do not incorporate even the most basic of these chemistries. For one, the components are expensive. Costly also is the continued research and development required for the development of effective additives for the new clean fuel formulations mandated by local, state, and federal government.


  • So rather than investing in product integrity, some manufacturers opt for the cheaper route – making dramatic claims based on subjective user testimonial.


  • Consumers experiencing no problems with a product will assume it works. But when a product fails, leaving a recreational boater stranded miles offshore in stormy weather with an engine that refuses to start, bad things can happen. This is why many aftermarket fuel treatment manufacturers do not offer products to industrial users.


  • In the industrial market, fuel stabilizers and deposit control additives are subject to testing and intense scrutiny by qualified engineers before use is considered. Research vessels, cruise ships, oil and product tankers, like many PRI clients, simply cannot afford product failure. PRI chemistry works every time in every fuel, protecting thousands of recreational and commercial mariners from fuel failures at sea.

For more information on PRI Technology, Research and Testing, including Technical Bulletins, click here.

pri-d fuel treatmentPri-d label


PRI-D is a super concentrated, industrial strength diesel additive. PRI-D is a complete fuel treatment that improves all diesel fuels (including bio-diesel), enabling them to perform to their maximum potential.

Treating diesel fuel with PRI-D will: 
1. Increase engine performance and longevity
2. Increase fuel economy and power output due to improved combustion
3. Keep fuel fresher for longer
4. Keep fuel tanks and lines free from slime and sludge


  • Super Concentrated: PRI-D is a super concentrated diesel fuel additive, treating fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio, making PRI-D extremely cost effective to use.


  • Safe To Use: PRI-D’s enhanced thermal stability chemistry works within the fuel instead of altering it, which means the product is completely safe to use. PRI-D contains no potentially damaging Cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent chemistries. No fuel specifications are changed, therefore PRI-D meets all major engine manufacturer fuel specifications – warranties are not voided!


  • Improve Engine Performance: PRI-D works chemically within diesel fuel to improve the combustion process and therefore engine performance. You will realise increased power output from your engine, as well as improved fuel efficiency. PRI-D also significantly reduces harmful emissions such as smoke opacity, NOx, and SOx.


  • Reduce Maintenance Costs: By keeping engines and fuel systems clean from carbon deposits, slime and sludge, PRI-D will significantly save users on maintenance downtime and costs and is therefore a highly effective preventative maintenance tool.


  • Extend Storage Life: Diesel fuel will stay fresh for up to one year after initial treatment with PRI-D. Annual re-treatment will keep diesel fuel refinery fresh indefinitely. Laboratory tests have shown that PRI-D diesel additive can even restore old, degraded diesel of up to 13 years old to a useful condition. If you store diesel for any length of time, you can’t afford to be without PRI-D!


PRI-OCIDE is a fast acting anti-microbial fuel additive that is perfect to use in conjunction with PRI-D in order to control contamination and to keep fuel filters and fuel systems clean.

pri-g fuel treatmentPri-G label

PRI-G is a super concentrated, industrial strength gasoline/petrol fuel additive. PRI-G is a complete fuel treatment that improves all petrol fuels, enabling them to perform to their maximum potential.

  • Super Concentrated: PRI-G is a super concentrated petrol additive, treating petrol at a 1:2,000 ratio, making PRI-G extremely cost effective to use.


  • Improve Engine Performance: PRI-G chemistry works within petrol to improve the combustion process, which leads to improved engine performance, power output and fuel economy. Hesitation, knocking and pinging can be common in petrol engines and can be reduced by treating petrol with PRI-G. PRI-G is also very effective at reducing harmful emissions.


  • Reduce Maintenance Costs: PRI-G’s proprietary, refinery-grade chemistry is unsurpassed at preventing carbon deposits and fuel system fouling. Your engine will remain cleaner and last longer, which means maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Keep your bike, car, boat, or truck in great shape for years to come!


  • Extend Storage Life: Petrol will stay fresh for up to one year after initial treatment with PRI-G. Annual re-treatment will keep diesel fuel refinery fresh indefinitely. If you store petrol for any length of time, you can’t afford to be without PRI-G!


  • Safe To Use: PRI-G’s enhanced thermal stability chemistry works within the fuel instead of altering it, which means the product is completely safe to use. Fuel specifications aren’t changed, so engine warranties are not voided! PRI-G is safe and effective in both four stroke and two stroke engines. Use PRI-G today to get the most out of your petrol and your engine!



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